That Orange Stuff®

Go Green by Going Orange®
Whether you and your parakeet live in a small apartment or you have a thousand head of cattle spread across the countryside, That Orange Stuff® has thousands of uses to help you and your pets or livestock live a healthier life.  

How can a cleaner help you live a healthier life?   Most products designed for use around animals often contain harmful, toxic ingredients.   As in humans, toxic chemicals can have drastic effects on the health and well-being of an animal.  From cleaning a cage or kennel to products that you apply directly, if they are toxic they can do serious harm to the health of your pet or livestock.

Take a look at some of the suggested uses for That Orange Stuff® around pets and livestock.


Light Mix

General Mix

Strong Mix

1 to 250

1 to 125

1 to 60

1 to 6
1 to 12
Per Gallon

1/2 oz. per gallon

1 oz. per gallon

2 oz. per gallon

10 oz. to 20 oz. per gallon
Per 24 oz. Spray Bottle

1/2 tsp per 3 cups water

1 tsp. per 3 cups water

1 tbsp. per 3 cups water

2-4 tbsp. per 3 cups water
Cost per 24 oz.




General Applications: 
That Orange Stuff®. cleans saddles, horse blankets, stock trailers and all related equipment.
It has a variety of uses in hog, dairy, poultry and horse industry - cleaning tattoo equipment, manure, 
general barn cleaning, etc. (General to Strong mix)
Cleans pets and livestock. (Light mix)
Safe to use on plants. (Mist mix)

1 oz. per gallon spray
Deters feather picking of bird, siblings, and cage mates.
Spray bird daily to keep down dander.
Spray surrounding area of cage or perch to deter from chewing.
2 oz. per gallon spray
Bird cage and perch cleaner. Spray on soiled areas, let emulsify for a few minutes and wipe clean.
Removes hard water stains from plastic, ceramic and stainless steel bowls.
Spray legs of cage or stand well to prevent insects and ants from climbing up for food.
Spray as air freshener and lower the presence of air born spores.

1 oz. per gallon spray
Controls odor & unmats fur. Spray or dip.
Clean Kennels and crates 
Spray on real or silk plants to retard pets habit of chewing.
May be sprayed on pet directly as device to stop chronic chewing.
Bath or rinse to remove skunk or other odors.
Degreaser for oil, tar, paint, gum etc. Excellent for "cocker" ears.

Fly Spray
In one quart of water add 1/2 cup mineral oil, 1/2 cup vinegar, and a tablespoon That Orange Stuff®.  Allow enough time for the That Orange Stuff® to emulsify into the mixture, about 1/2 hour. Shake well before spraying.
1oz. per gallon spray
Hoof cleaner. Helps retard the feet from collecting dirt and stones.
Soak feet to draw out soreness and will kill thrush.
2 oz. per gallon spray
Effective tack and harness cleaner, will not stiffen leather.
Cleans manure hard pack from trailer and barn.
Spray fencing to prevent cribbing and chewing. Gardens and fruit trees too!
Spray feed room and hay barn ground perimeters as rodent repellant, may prevent mice and rats from coming into area.
Cleans scum from water buckets.